Why fit winter Tyres

www.getagrip.co.uk will save you money on every type of Tyre, this article relates to the question on every drivers lips as soon as any snow falls on UK roads, Why fit winter Tyres?


Winter Tyres keep you safer at temperatures of below 7°

Its not just when the snow falls, which, lets be honest isn’t that regular in the UK, Winter Tyres are developed to give you enhance performance as soon as the temperature drops below 7°.

The following Tyre points will help you answer, Why fit winter Tyres?

What are Winter Tyres?

Winter Tyres are manufactured using softer compounds to Summer Tyres. They continue to stay soft in temperatures of 7° and below, ensuring maximum traction and Safety.

 Other differences between Winter Tyres and Summer Tyres:

The surface of the Tread is covered with sipes to increase the a tyres surface area against the road.

Deeper grooves to displace water more efficiently

The Tread patterns are designed to collect snow to improve grip


Are there Alternatives to Winter Tyres

If you think the UK doesn’t have the bad winter to warrant fitting Winter Tyres, these are the alternatives.

Make sure your Summer Tyres have at least 6mm of Tread when winter arrives

Consider fitting All season Tyres

Purchase a cheap set of Snow socks

Use Higher gears to drive in wintry conditions

Always apply the brakes very gently

Be gentle with the steering wheel

Most importantly **Reduce your speed