Understanding Tyre Labels

www.getagrip.co.uk will save money you money on every type of Tyre, this article relates to the understanding Tyre labels, which are compulsory to show with every Tyre for sale in the UK.

Understanding Tyre Labels can save you money and keep you safe

A Huge amounts of money is invested in the research and development of Tyre compounds and tread patterns, and not all Tyres are created equally.  Therefore, In November 2012 the EU introduced compulsory Tyre labeling to help you make an informed choice.

The following information will help you understand what to look for on an EU Tyre Label.

What Attributes are Tested

The following three attributes are tested on every Tyre pattern that is manufactured for the European market:

Tyre Rolling resistance icon

The first rating the EU test is Rolling Resistance/ Fuel Efficiency – Rated between A-G, A is the best rating.

  • The better the rating, the less amount of Fuel you will use, therefore reducing your CO2 emissions.


Wet Grip Icon

The second rating the EU test is Wet Grip/Braking Performance – Rated between A-G, A is the best rating.

  • Using a better rated wet grip Tyre will help you stop quicker in all conditions.


Noise level EU label rating

The Third rating the EU test is Noise Emission/Exterior Noise – Measured in decibels – the lower the number the better.

  • Drive in peace with quieter Tyres, no need to turn the radio up.
EU Tyre Label - understanding Tyre Labels