Tyre Buying Tips

www.getagrip.co.uk will cater for every Tyre buyer, this article relates to Tyre buying tips that will help you Save money and Stay Safe.

There are 23000 Tyre sellers in the UK

As there are so many Tyre sellers in the UK, these Tyre buying tips are a great place to start the mostly unwelcome process of buying Tyres.

The most obvious tip: use Getagrip.co.uk. We compare the biggest number of online Tyre prices in the UK, attempting to find the cheapest price online without us will be a very time consuming exercise.

We don’t only have the biggest choice at the cheapest prices, our search facility is the most intelligent in Europe.

Choose Tyres relevant to you and your vehicle

Once you have your Tyre size established search getagrip.co.uk for the best fit, using our advanced search you can filter your results by your driving style and your usual driving conditions.

Search getagrip.co.uk and find the best prices for your vehicle using the most intelligent search facility in the Tyre market:

Filter by:

  • Your Driving Type
  • Average miles
  • Guarantees available
  • OE fitment
  • EU Tyre label score


The importance of buying Tyres relevant to you and your vehicle cannot be overestimated. The wrong choice of Tyre will cost you money and threaten your safety.