Run Flat Tyres will save you money on every type of Tyre, this article relates to Run Flat Tyres, and if you need to fit them to your vehicle.

Does my car need Run Flat Tyres?

Was your vehicle was manufactured with Run flat Tyres as original equipment? Then the answer to the question, does my car need Run flat Tyres? is, Yes.

The following information will help you decide if run flat Tyres are best for your car.

Cars manufactured with Run flat Tyres

Mini, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen, all fit run flat Tyres to a selection of their models. Although some car models still carry a spare, mostly, if a car is fitted with run flat Tyres, they won’t have a spare Wheel.

Whats the Benefit of Run flat Tyres?

Although Run flat Tyres are more expensive than non run flat Tyres, and in some cases can give you a less comfortable ride, they do their benefits:

  • Carry on driving if you have puncture
  • No need to carry a spare Tyre
  • Strong sidewalls to protect against impact damage
  • Compatible with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Are they repairable?

Whether run flat Tyres or not, once Tyres have been driven on, they lose their structural integrity and aren’t repairable. So given the expensive nature of buying run flat tyres in the first place, each puncture could end up costing a small fortune.

How Expensive are They? will always fin you the cheapest Tyres, no matter what you are looking for, but runflat tyres will unfortunately always be a minimum of 35% more expensive than normal Tyres.

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