Before you can buy new car tyres, you need to know the size of tyre fitted to your car. This is printed on the outside edge of the tyre, in raised lettering. It’s sometimes small and hard to find at a glance, but it will be printed somewhere on the sidewall of the tyre.

The tyre speed rating is also important, but often overlooked. Choose a tyre with the wrong speed rating and you could invalidate your car insurance. It is a vital single letter to understand. To find out more about tyre speed ratings, see our comprehensive tyre speed ratings guide.

When shopping for car tyres, you also now need to know about tyre labels – they’re mandatory for all new tyres on sale in Europe. Car tyre labels look similar to those found on white goods such as refrigerators.

Don’t worry, the tyre labelling scheme is easy to understand once you are familiar with its three aspects. And it will help you buy a safer, grippier tyre, which will save you fuel and make your car quieter.