Fleet Tyre Management

www.getagrip.co.uk will save money for every type of Tyre buyer, this article relates to Fleet Tyre management and how Transport managers can help to save on Tyre costs.

Tyres account for around 20% of total Fleet management costs

To state the obvious, with Tyres accounting for 20% of Fleet costs, an efficient Fleet Tyre management and procurement program are absolutely essential for Transport managers.

The following Tyre maintenance essentials should be implemented by all fleets to reduce Tyre costs

Establish a Preferred Tyre Brand Policy

The importance of establishing a preferred Tyre brand policy is hugely important as different brands bring different benefits. Please don’t fall into the trap of just opting for the cheapest Tyres. Its not all about price when it comes to fleet Tyre Management.

The driving conditions your fleet encounters on a daily basis is the most important consideration when choosing the your preferred Tyre brand. A fleet of Vauxhall insignia’s doing the vast majority of miles on Motorways, will require a very different Tyre brand to a Fleet of Taxis.

Choose a preferred service provider or supplier

Once you have chosen your Tyre brand, the next step is to find the right supplier.

Great questions to consider when making the choice are as follows:

  • Do they offer mobile Tyre fitting?
  • Are they on call 24/7?
  • Have they got national coverage?
  • Can they supply your preferred Tyre brand?

Another benefit to choosing a preferred Tyre brand, and supplier is the fact that they will almost certainly offer you enticements based on your purchasing. If they don’t, contact us