About www.getagrip.co.uk

GetaGrip.co.uk was formed to save you time and money. Gone are the days of switching between websites to find the best price on your tyres and every site claiming to save you money. We are an impartial website for 18 Different Tyre Types. We have up to 30 Major Retailers both paying and non paying so we can give impartial results.

GetaGrip.co.uk is designed and developed to allow consumers to go to one website for all Vehicle Tyres.

We have developed a First of its kind by Comparing over 300,000 Product Lines with 300 Tyre Brands sold by up to 30 Major Retailers to give consumers 18 Different Tyre Types in one site.

How Does It Work?

  1. Enter your registration or tyre size and postcode and search.
  2. Compare tyres and prices between all the retailers.
  3. Select the tyres you would like to purchase.
  4. Click through to the retailer of your choice and process your order.
  5. Wait for your tyres to arrive and have them fitted.
*An order confirmation will be sent your email by the retailer/e-tailer. You can sign up to getagrip.co.uk to see your search history, set mot + tax reminders, receive offers and price drops on products you have viewed and leave reviews of products you have purchased.

How are we financed?

There are a number of paying Retailers / E-tailers and the same amount of non paying Retailers / E-tailers. By adding Paying and Non-Paying Tyre Traders, we have developed a first of its kind Data-Base, this gives Consumers the best opportunity to get the best deal.

It is quite possible that consumers only purchase from non-paying Retailer / E-tailers, Our answer to this is – As long as our users get the best deal on their chosen Tyres, We have done our job.

We offer the cheapest and quickest price for the majority of our products, Cheapest prices are usually the online retailers and quickest are the Garage Chains, who have your chosen product in stock or even for next day fitting.

Consumers can either have tyres fitted or delivered by mail order, using our retailers you can find the product and seller that suits you best. You can select a verity of tyres and compare the tyres before you make a decision on what tyre suits your needs.

Once you decide on the tyres you would like to purchase, click on the price or retailer you would like to place your order with. If there is a retail chain in your area you can check the “view all offers” box to see if they are listed for the tyres of your choice.

When you click through to the seller’s website, you will place the order on the seller’s site and make payment directly to the seller.

(as we are a first of its kind, retailers and e-tailers do not provide us with a product file for us to show you 100% accurate information, we scrape every website at our own cost to give the most accurate information we can. This at times means that some prices may be slightly incorrect and end product pages may no longer be valid. We regularly scrape websites to keep our website up to date)

Once you click through double check the product and price, select your quantity then follow the check out process on the sellers website.

During the check out process, you will have the option for delivery (to your chosen address) or a list of fitting centres will be provided depending on the seller’s process. Enter your details and make payment direct to the seller.

Sellers are from europe and uk. Delivery times will vary from 1 day to 7 days.

If you would like to deliver your tyres to a garage of your choice, please contact the your garage before so they can give permission to do so and inform them of the delivery.

*for vehicle registration we use the dvla database, and at times dvla doesn’t hold information on your vehicle tyre sizes, unfortunately, this is out of our hands and we recommend to use the tyre size search instead.

We welcome everyone to use our website and we hope getagrip.co.uk saved you time and money.